The Onionsoul Edition: #803.

Something light, tonally optimistic, to close an eventful year and blaze ahead into a new one. She said it all, so for once I really mean it that I’ve nothing to add – just lots to be grateful about. I hope this message gets through to you, too. Cheers all around for the good heart of life and one more for brand-new 2015. From July 7, 2011:

The heart of life is good.

You need to know the world is kind. You need to remember this. When all seems unjust and conditions never seem to find ground, you need to remind yourself that the distance between pain and reason is so ridiculously close, like two alternating fingers (two alternating fingers?! Anyway-). All may seem bleak – grim existence of life, whatever. But never forget that the heart of life is essentially good. And that everything happens for a reason.

So I want another fresh start, and life cannot deny me this.

– Pinknerd | #803. 


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