Travel Diaries: Sleep(not)less in Seattle.

As promised, here are my some of my favorite photos from my five-day visit to Seattle, WA, last week. I’m keeping my word and trying to make sure that I clear this before I play tourist in San Francisco (again) over the next few days!

Back to Seattle – as I mentioned before, this was my second trip to this city and it is as lovely as I remember it. There’s something very laid-back about Seattle, in that it definitely looks like a city, but the vibe is surprisingly low-key and homey. Admittedly maybe it’s got to do with the fact that I stayed with a married couple friend whose been here about two to three years now, long enough to call themselves locals. They own a really nice apartment smack in downtown Seattle (the husband works for Amazon, and if you didn’t know – this city is the online giant’s birthplace) within walking distance to Pike Place Market – forever and ever my favorite place in Seattle.

Since I’d visited the Chihuly Garden & Glass gallery and the EMP Museum (note: both are must-visit attractions) last summer, I decided to opt out of a second visit despite loving those two places – let good memories stay pleasant, you know?

This time around, we mostly explored the city on foot, walking just about anywhere and conversed – lots, so much that it took me all seven days of the past week to recharge. My friend and I visited an art museum a day – Burke Museum, Seattle Art Museum, and Seattle Asian Art Museum – and had breakfast at different places in Pike Place every morning (fun, super fun). We also played tourist at the first Starbucks store and checked out random attractions we came across while on foot. Notable examples are Bruce and Brandon Lee’s tombstones (who would’ve guessed I’d be strolling through a cemetery during break…) and a water tower that looked out-of-place and totally random to be where it’s at.

Oh! I’ll be honest: I could do without the weather. It was overcast the entire time I was there and that surprisingly, really affected my mood. It was also cold, the usual wintry kind which I’ve conveniently forgotten… according to my friend, it was colder than usual for the Pacific northwest too, so this only added to my increasingly bleak mood. When the sun at last decided to grace me with its presence, it was… the morning of my last day! Needless to say, I returned to Stanford with renewed appreciation for the sunny-just-right, cold-just-right California weather.

Okay, enough talk – enjoy the photos and definitely pay a visit to this lovely city if you’ve the chance!


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