The 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 2 – 20 Facts about You.


Mel circa 2011

Day 2 – 20 Facts about You

Totally random, and while trying to come up with these facts (and struggling), I realize what a plain cookie I actually am.

  1. I’m Malaysian and (still) proud of where I’m from
  2. I’m Muslim and I like how my friend described me, “religious but open-minded”
  3. I’m turning 24 in 3.5 months! (gasp)
  4. I’m the youngest of seven siblings
  5. I’m only a quarter Chinese and 75% Malay, but often mistaken as Chinese
  6. I’m just under 5 ft tall (yeesh, 2 inches short!)
  7. I’m left-handed
  8. …and the only left-handed person in my family
  9. I have an Austrian pen pal and we’ve been friends for 14-15 years
  10. …we’ve yet to meet
  11. I am a city girl through and through – born, bred, and schooled (twice)
  12. …which is exactly why I’m constantly in love with cities
  13. Of Malaysia’s 13 states and 3 federal territories, I’ve visited all except one, the northernmost state in West Malaysia called Perlis (it’s really tiny!)
  14. As a child, I swore I would never do engineering cos Dad teaches mechanical
  15. …now I hold a BS and will soon obtain MS in environmental engineering
  16. My favorite animal, ever, is sheep – lambs, especially!
  17. …but freak out whenever I am within touching vicinity (any animals, really)
  18. I’ve had the same Malaysian cell phone number since I was eleven
  19. I secretly think of myself as a hippie child (I’m not)
  20. I can only speak English and Malay, but forever wishes I’m fluent in Japanese

11 thoughts on “The 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 2 – 20 Facts about You.

    1. thanks for the straight-up comment of calling me short… :p hahaha but yeah, I’d always be the first in line whenever I’m in something where we’d need to line up according to height. My sister likes to use the term “vertically challenged” though haha

    1. OH! We’re the same age?? I couldn’t tell! (not that I think you’re so much older haha, just figured more like maybe my sister’s age (2 years apart))

      “and probably the same height, because I have yet to accept I’m under five feet.”
      *rolling on the floor laughing*

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