Timeout: Hey, What’s Up in 2015?

Haven’t written one of these in a while, just feel like sharing random slice-of-life bits.

Earlier this week a belated Christmas card with gifts arrived in my mail. One of it was a surprise (amazingly done) drawing of me by my pen-pal/friend. I contemplated uploading it here, but that might be too much information on how I look like and who I am …so no, unfortunately you’ll just have to trust my word that I was genuinely floored to receive it. No one’s ever drawn me before, so this is an awesome first. I thought it was hilariously cute how she wrote a quick note at the back, recognizing that not everyone is cool with finding out someone had drawn them, but I know her and recognize her talent – it’s an honor! To make up for the no-show, I will instead share with you this, her second gift – an interesting and beautiful illustration on a bracelet that she bought in a market in Brussels, Belgium, where’s she currently residing.


Just minutes ago, someone knocked on my door to hand me… a postcard made from wood. “It was mis-delivered to my apartment in the studio building next door,” he said, “I only noticed recently. Here you go.” Surprised, I took it from him and aw, what a lovely surprise! My close pal who really made my first year worthwhile had sent this over; she vacationed somewhere in the beautiful hills of Taiwan recently.

All I gotta say is, if giving away my address means receiving surprise letters/trinkets/cards/postcards in the mail every day of the year – sign me up. My studio is warm from lovely, handwritten items and unexpected gifts from different parts of the world from wonderful souls. They remind me, over and over, that even though I may not have a lot of people in my life – still, it’s filled to the brim with love from those who take the time to ink, box, stamp and snail mail some of their love specifically my way. I’m grateful.

She said she chose this one specifically for me – the quote and sheep illustrations!

Say goodbye to the comfortable life; 

go with the wind and embark on your life journey!


This whole week has been busy and strange. There’s a strange air around me these days, and I don’t know what to make of it. I busied myself shopping for classes only to hit a wall because I couldn’t decide on what classes to pick – do I go for the useful-but-dread-my-feet-to-go-to, or should I just go with those that piqué my interest, even if they’re not entirely useful in my near-term professional goal? Homework and endless required readings quickly piled up for these classes too, forcing me to come to a decision – but not before some meltdown on Friday afternoon.

So maybe it’s no wonder that I woke up sick today and ended up throwing up both my breakfast and lunch meals. Not… a pleasant sight and even worse to feel. Also, it sucks balls to be sick alone; ugh, it’s the worse. Amazingly though, I managed to bike my way to campus to meet up with my partner for our floods class homework. I even got through a few hydraulics refresher questions, believe it or not. It took all of ten minutes though, to remind me just why I opted out of traditional, technical engineering classes the moment I could so phew, no more dilemma there.

But the air is still strange; tense and uncomfortable. I’m not ready to discuss them.

I’ve decided to stop participating on that 30-day blogging challenge. Those were annoying, weren’t they? But honestly it’s because I don’t believe in the things I wrote about myself. I feel like I was cleaning up, polishing, and carefully editing my answers – presenting a refined version of myself, or a self that’s no longer true. Maybe I am too hard on myself, as I always tend to be, but then again if I can’t be honest with myself – I’ve got to step back, reflect, and change that, isn’t it?

I also decided that I want to revert to a life before Twitter and not purge out thoughts for free. No more finding out at real-time, what people in my online social circle are thinking. It’s really me, again for always being so critical on myself, but it became distracting and a nuisance – too much of a good thing – and so you know what needs to be the next move: stop! I think I am better off purging my thoughts in private within my four walls or confide in select company or when I’m ready to have them publicly consumed – written out here. Maybe in the end, it’s true: less is more.

Another thing I decided upon that has to do with blogging is to totally separate drama-writing and personal writing. I have made the announcement earlier this week about reverting blogphilic back to a personal blog temporarily – but now I’m making this move permanent. In place of that, I’ve created a new drama-blog that I’m still tweaking, but hope to unveil soon. I’ve got a few more housekeeping to do and then it should be ready. I am still on a drama-writing break so you won’t see too much there for a time I think, but I plan to keep and nurture that space alongside this one. I’ll write more in-detailed about this new blog once it’s ready for launch tomorrow and you can decide to follow me there, here, or both! I won’t take any offense, I promise.

As always, thanks for reading me here. Just as I count my blessings for the people in my real life, who pops in at unexpected moments to remind me that I am worth something – enough that there’s room for me in a few people’s mental and emotional spaces, likewise, I’m always grateful for those of you who pop in here, frequently or occasionally, to remind me that my writing is worth something – enough to turn strangers into kindred souls, friends, and readers.

In my eyes, you guys are all adorable, fluffy sheep.


4 thoughts on “Timeout: Hey, What’s Up in 2015?

    1. Feeling better now, thank goodness. So much schoolwork to do tomorrow cos of lost productivity today! The break might be permanent too :) or I’ll just quietly lurk there, but no more thoughts purging. I have (I think you’ll love it haha) but I’m not digging the tagline I have for it. Also apparently WP allows for like total imports of posts and pages, so technically I could move ALL drama-related write-ups to there (duplicate essentially, unless I delete those here) and I still can’t decide if I want that… I’m definitely removing the (er, outdated) Collections once that site’s launched though but everything else…

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