The Onionsoul Edition: #902.

I know I wrote last week that I would stop rewinding the clock to October 2011, but well – I’m about to break that promise. If it’s any consolation, this is the last entry of hers I have from that month anyway, so this will be the last, for real. To be honest I had written out a different one, ready to hit publish, but knew I’d be lying if I posted that.

Because this one, this one… this is honest-to-God what I feel right now. Tonight I’m just angry, frustrated at the lack of depth and enraged by the insensitivity and narrow-mindedness of people – those who appear in my fictional entertainment medium and those in real life, they who are supposed to represent the elite and highly educated given where I am now. One would think, but apparently ignorance is fucking epidemic.

Today I overheard a group of people that I know – not well, but we’re acquainted – make fun of the ‘foreignness’ of others. The jabs just kept coming, clearly referencing specific cultures because of what they’d presented to the table in the group meeting last night. Witty comebacks, so they think, because booming laughter would follow. I’m well-aware that some cultures have weird and questionably societally permissible practices but who the hell made yours superior above others’ cultures?

Have some humility, please. Ugh. Why do people only ever see themselves?

On October 27, 2011, she summed it up perfectly. Yin to my yang, indeed.

The lack of depth annoys me. It’s cocky, I know. It’s arrogant to think other’s one-time silly statement is a definition of who the whole person they are, but it’s just how it is, the lack of substance and insensitive remarks just get to me. It pushes all my wrong buttons. It messes up with the whole cosmic balance in my fucking mind. It blows me into a whirlwind like a bleeping tornado. It makes me want to declare genocide on stupidity. I just don’t fucking get it, you cannot be so stupid!

Do our generation a favor. Have more depth. 

– Pinknerd | #902. I Have A Split Personality


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