The Onionsoul Edition: #993.

Because it’s a rainy day here, today. Interesting date too, this one. February 29, 2012:

There is something about first loves that destroy an image of yourself in your mind – we’ve heard this all before. There is something about that grand human experience that can quickly teleport you right back into the age you’ve barely graduated from so many years past. Sometimes it’s not even tangible. It’s barely physical. It comes in the form of rain, or from the change of time of day, but it just keeps coming. You know you don’t feel the love anymore – all of that have been canceled out by the magical thing called Time, but familiarity is a powerful thing. It is life’s own timeline; one unique object triggers an old feeling, one random word, one stray smile, even one casual glance to the left. 

I walked KL alone today, and it rained cats and dogs. By dusk I was 18 again, having slow walks and an echo of a vague conversation. On the walk to the monorail I was curiously nervous – my music player shuffled the same old tunes that used to mean something but I can now vaguely remember. At KL Sentral, an awkward college boy had my heartbeat dropped a notch, a feeling that would threaten tears in my eyes a year ago. Because I don’t have to tell you this – nostalgia is needy, it is a very painful war. 

But just as I was getting sad, and forgetting this amazing feeling that is my growth, I saw my reflection in the glass panel on the way up to the LRT. She’s walking just a little bit taller, dressed a little bit better, looking a little bit older, and suddenly 18 was over – all over again. 

– Pinknerd | #993. What KL Does To Me Psyche


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