The Onionsoul Edition: #983.

I thought this one’s fitting given the theme of my write-ups this week. There’s something about the year 2012, I swear – she was twenty-three, too – because here we are, rewinding the clock as usual to that year. February 15, 2012. This is also one of my favorites from her; every so often, I remind myself of the strength of my human heart.

Over coffee and hearty lunch with a couple of good friends, I was reminded again about the true essence of the strength of the human heart. That it may be the only substance in the human body of which when broken, can come back stronger than before. That we are capable of anything because we can put up with the pain of emotions – that emotions in itself are enigmatic and wondrous things to experience and survive from. And we take this idea for granted, we think that it is not a miracle to keep on walking if our legs were wounded just because we are still capable of it. We think that it is no miracle to still find ourselves alive 5 months into a breakup – that it is only human to move on. Because we forget – we so often forget the unbearable pain no words in the world can properly phrase all the hurt we once felt. That in the darkness, we saw nothing, absolutely nothing but pitch black hopelessness. We forget how much we crawled and crawled into salvation feeling as though we were walking on snow – going on for days and hours, and yet feeling as though no progress was made. We simply keep forgetting to reflect on who we are today because we don’t fully appreciate the miraculous workings of our very own human heart. 

– Pinknerd |
#983. Less Time on Facebook. More Time On Design.


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