New Gateway for Asian Drama-enthusiasts: dramaphilic!

A quick, last shoutout about this – all my drama-related write-ups are now in dramaphilic! Hope my drama readers will stick around and I’ll see you there! Cheers.

you don't know me.

Hello existing drama-readers, please make your way and yourself cozy in my freshly produced sister-site: dramaphilic!

I’m sorry, truly sorry, you’ve had to sieve through a lot of write-ups you don’t necessarily fancy to get to my drama-related write-ups, and likewise to any non-drama-enthusiast readers reading this, I want to apologize to you as well for the randomness in my blog contents. Thank you for your patience and understanding all this while and… good news! It’s finally here!

As of 2015, all drama/KPop -anything Asian pop culture – write-ups will be published in dramaphilicdon’t you just love the URL? I LOVE IT (wait till you see the blog title!)

If you wondered why this oh-so-timely move, let’s be honest: I think you’ve long noticed this too – I wear incredibly different hats and have distinct writing voices depending on what I write about, and there’s none more stark than when I drama-write. There are plenty…

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