“Because I came back to writing at an older age…”

Just dropping this brief note – with this fantastic and thematically appropriate comic by Grant Snider on why we write – as a quickie check-in that I didn’t suddenly disappear off the face of the earth – okay, unless you count the Deep South as that …kidding! – and forgotten about regular write-ups like The Onionsoul Edition. Nope, I still have a few of Third Sis’ write-ups in my possession and plan to continue that in April.


Today I’d discussed blogging and writing to considerable lengths with a blogger-friend/reader that struck many chords on so many levels. Thinking back to the 3-hour spent in an ice-cream shop and then a nearby Starbucks just this evening, I found myself surprised that despite meeting for the first time and in-person, it was so… refreshing and to a degree, relieving to at last be able to speak truthfully about this blog, myself as a person, and my sincere love for writing. After eight years of writing under a pseudonym, there’s a kind of… euphoria? Elation? Satisfaction? I’m not sure the right word to use, but I know that in a way, it feels like I’ve expanded my perspectives some, all while being true to myself, as I connect the dots that is myself without having to hide and substitute one part of myself for another depending on my listener. Admittedly, it’s also kind of amazing – we truly never know with whom we’d find a connection so organic and true in the unlikeliest corner(s) of the world.

“Because I came back to writing at an older age, I feel like I look at it differently than I used to. In the past, I think this was true – I wasn’t confident about my writing, so I never fought hard enough to pursue it [professionally]. But now I’m thinking… these days I think, how do I make this work? Lately I keep feeling like I wish I wrote under my real name, not hiding behind a pseudonym. Honestly, I still don’t think I’m a great writer – but I think I’m decent. And more importantly, I genuinely love it. I don’t think I’m great yup, but it’s not like knowing that will make me stop writing, you know? I’m still going to keep writing.”

As I write this, I’m still on my one-week spring break after wrapping up my second-to-last term (so! close!) of graduate school and like any traveling experience, this one’s full of (more) stories. As it is, words and images are floating on my mind and I’ve so much to write about – so, so much – but unsurprisingly, I’m terrible at attempting any serious and reflective writing while traveling. Plus, maybe it’s true that I ought to let certain thoughts simmer for a while. I’ll just let them bubble slowly to the surface of my consciousness when they are ready. In the meantime, I’ll lay low and wait patiently.

For now, just one word: happy. In more ways than one. My heart of life is good.


2 thoughts on ““Because I came back to writing at an older age…”

  1. Nice to be here friend. I enjoyed reading your post; and smiled when you talked about not being a great writer. What I think is you cannot know how great a writer you can be until you have written and written Very few people become great writers after their first written work You have to write and write and some day if God blesses your efforts your writing will hit and you become great. I encourage you to keep on writing and learning to improve everyday and you will make it some day. Blessings!

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