defiance (lit. bold disobedience).

I am writing this here because I’m happy, but also a little annoyed.

I just attended the first class for Korean lit narratives class (no knowledge of language required, yes!) and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Though honestly, I wish there’s less disconnect between hard sciences and the arts – you can’t be one or the other, or have passion for both – and also this misconception that “engineers are poor writers” … why is it so surprising that I’m an environmental engineer who reads poetry and caresses words as tenderly as I do with numbers? Or write totally non-science stuff (nostalgia BS is what I call it, but formally it’s known as creative nonfiction) on the side? Do I need to know how to paint to be able to appreciate art pieces? Do I need to have a musical background to be able to appreciate music? No one is ever exclusively one thing, you know? Plus pfft, this is hardly uncommon irrespective what our majors are.

So this is me saying: I’m breaking that wall. I’m an engineer AND a writer.

And to add complexity to that, just because, another class later this afternoon that I’m shopping and considering is an international policy course that will focus on governance, corruption, and development. Go figure.


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