The Onionsoul Edition: #984.

I don’t really have a theme this week, so I contemplated which of her older write-ups not-yet-featured that I should spotlight. In the end, I decided to settle for this, because the sentiments and especially, that fear – they’re deeply felt. I’m exhausted, you know? More than just physically. Why… do I keep losing the ones I love to growth, as much as I’ve gained my sense and recognition of self from the process?

This was written on Friday, February 17, 2012:

There comes a point in your life where you don’t want to keep having to let go of someone. I mean it’s tiring, and it just breaks your heart. But is it us? Are we the ones who complicate things for ourselves by not saying what we feel inside; by hiding our hearts over truths yet come to light? Do we torture ourselves because we put fear above others? Fear of rejection? Fear of another unrequited love story, beautiful as can be but empty as anything…? 

But how do we love to begin with, if we are so afraid?

— Pinknerd | #984. Listen to Me Listen Listen Listen.


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