turning point.

In public speaking class tonight (where I still suck at impromptu speeches, but anyway-) we were tasked with creating a short storyboard on our respective turning points in life. We went around the class, taking turns. Like everyone else, when it was his turn, one of my classmates, a man in his late thirties who has spent a bulk of his life in his native country, Japan, prior to coming here for a one-year accelerated degree program in the business school, went up to the board and drew two square boxes.

He filled the first one with irregular-shaped ovals that made up the islands of Japan and in the second, more lopsided ovals with an X right at the center – again, marking Japan; this time relative to the greater world. Once satisfied, he turned to face us, now ready to speak. In that split second before he opened his mouth to provide context though, I thought to myself, “but you just said everything.”

It’s called perspectives.

4 thoughts on “turning point.

  1. i hit post comment before i was done and ‘i hate speaking in public. that’s why i’m even more freaking out for my phD presentation… I already got a few rounds of “preparation” which I kinda failed a little less each time… but still, i’m going to need a lot more to be convincing on the D-Day. * sigh * i just want to hibernate forever.

    1. aw thank you Sunny, what a sunshine you are :) Ugh I’m in the same boat… I’m taking this class to improve myself and calm those nerves, but so far it’s only made things worse aha so I don’t know what kind of advice to give other than – just do it! You know your dissertation by heart by now, and so just keep in mind that content is king :) *pumps fist*

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