The Onionsoul Edition: #926.

My sister and her magical way with words; this still resonates. December 6, 2011:

“I met a dry-witted 70-something fine lady who told me she would love to know how I turned out. She gave me her card and said when I go home for good, let’s keep in touch. She said I was interesting. For a 22 years old, I was great talking to and that she believed, I could do great things.

We spoke of cultural limitations and conventions. I mentioned something about being a Muslim girl in a Malay world. About being Westernized in an Asian society. About paradigm shifts. About men and the fear of attachments. About being a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. About being afraid.

In the motherly way that she was in spite of her quick, sharp responses, she held my hand in one and placed another on her heart, “You’re warm here. I really like you.”

Life surprises me with the people it introduces me to sometimes.”

— Lesson #926. Bercinta Aku Mau, Tapi Bukan Denganmu.

“You’re warm here.”

One thought on “The Onionsoul Edition: #926.

  1. If I could like this post infinity times I would it made me all warm and tingly inside this was so beautiful T_____T
    P.S side note I love the title of the source “Bercinta Aku Mau, Tapi Bukan Denganmu” – hahah lol punya random XD

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