The Onionsoul Edition: #520.

I think the worse thing to ignite between siblings, is competition. Myself and Third Sis, we are now in our mid-twenties; we’re too old for petty fights. This isn’t it. I’m just constantly in awe over her ability with words, so unlike mine. How, just how, does she say so much with so little? I cry over my verbose sentences.

Thursday, October 28, 2010:

“It’s funny isn’t it, how we don’t always remember how things begin but the endings are almost always etched not just in our minds, but heart and soul too? There are so many million different ways to bleed, they say. It’s too bad isn’t it, how we simplify our lives to just beginnings and ends as though there are no middles. When we forget or don’t know how to stop and think of what we’re thinking and understand maybe we should just stay contained in the middle? Because it’s not really chasing shadows and making them longer. If you give yourself some space in your mind to breathe, you’ll see that sometimes closure isn’t always successfully achieved at ends, let alone at beginnings. It’ll surprise you that they are best accepted in middles. Where the beauty of what you had outshines what you have lost and could have had.

All the same, this has been some kind of a foreign holiday.”

— Pinknerd | #520. We Can Lick Gravity.

“Where the beauty of what you had outshines what you have lost and could have had.”


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