“That’s all a great essay is: a virtuoso performance of care.”

So much to write about and more to reflect upon – but I’ve a flight to catch, so I’ll just leave you with this beautifully written, deeply insightful article about what goes on in the minds of all nonfiction writers. I relate completely. I urge you, please- read this:

To Write a Great Essay, Think and Care Deeply

“In nonfiction, we also fetishize the aboutness. We openly question if the reality of a writer’s subject is worth discussing. We prioritize a weighty topic over the force of an author’s gaze, the clarity of her prose, the sincerity of her emotion. Underneath it all runs that same droning question that plagued me as a student, and still does sometimes:
Who cares? Who cares? Who cares?

Ackerley answers this simply: I do. And he goes on to give us a virtuoso performance of care. I think I keep returning to this passage, and the book as a whole, because it’s important for me to remind myself sometimes that, at its heart, that’s all a great essay is:
a virtuoso performance of care.”


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