The Graduate 2.0.

So, this happened yesterday. I’m officially a MS Stanford graduate!

Lots to share – so, so much. Today I said goodbye to Stanford for good, for instance. I’m back in San Francisco, my last — everything’s ending, ready or not. I’ve got reflections and feelings and thoughts and emotions all over the place …but all in due time. I’m still traveling and sightseeing, literally and metaphorically, this week. I’ll be home for good come Sunday and maybe – maybe – some order shall arrive then, at least enough to prompt me to sit down and put thoughts to (e)paper.

Basically — right now, I’m just livin’ it up: life, take me in your arms. I’m all yours.



3 thoughts on “The Graduate 2.0.

  1. You did it!! *throws confetti* After all that hard work, you definitely deserve to enjoy yourself and live it up a little :) Take your time to savor it all.. the goodbyes AND the hellos ^^

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