secret poets.

“We can talk about sadness- I can talk about sadness if that’s what you want, but who said we have to live there?

Who said we have to live there?”

you don't know me.

Today I am a little bit angry, a little bit unsettled. I am hungry, as usual, for worlds beyond my reach, and truths beyond my mind’s capacity. Today I chuckled at the thought of myself, how I always desire for the stars and galaxies when in truth, I really ought to learn to settle for what’s on solid ground first. It was this way when I was eleven, and it took me eight years to fulfill that. It took me four more years to fulfill a second one and tsk, what greedy beings we are; the moment I have it within my grasp, twinkling innocently, I’ve moved on to the next star, sky, universe- dream.

It is strange to look back at the past year; how it ticked by so slowly this same time last year. How I’d counted down to the day, thinking it would never come and that even if it did, how I’d…

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