The Onionsoul Edition: #1033.

One more, just because. My sister, I swear, eats my heart alive.

She wrote this on May 1, 2012:

There’s a very big human flaw when it comes to making decisions you suddenly cannot bear to live a few months – even years – down the road. It’s a compromise to other people’s progress, it’s unnamed sabotage and it’s entirely selfish. How come nobody told you this?

God really is All-Knowing though. You wish for strength, He gives you difficulties to overcome; you wish for wisdom, He gives you problems to solve; you wish for chance, He gives you big opportunities; you wish for love, He gives you troubled people in all their mortal glories to see through. All the while, we ask for what we think we want, but He gives what we really need. Like a reality check, I think. A time to reflect and put ourselves to a test because what we need isn’t answers, but discoveries.

— Pinknerd | #1033. Does It Bother You Now?

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