The Onionsoul Edition: #936.

I chose this piece because I think it speaks about the state I am in right now — there’s a serious need to change my narratives, or rather, to change the tone and direction of my narratives. Sure it’s understandable to have a hard time adjusting back, but who wants to put up, for the long-term, with a pessimist who only channels negative vibes? Not I, for sure. So I need to change the way I view Malaysia and my renewed life here.

I’m still all over the place about being back, I won’t lie (but)

I’m a work in progress.

Third Sis wrote this on December 28, 2011:

Remember one thing and one thing only – while happiness is a choice, yes, yes and yes, it is also an attitude. Which means that if you choose to stay pessimistic and grunt and growl about every single damn thing that irks just about every little bit of your mighty glory existence (in your bleeping head), chances are, you might as well fill up the bathtub and drown in it.

Everyone’s got pain, don’t ever think you’re above it. To be a pessimist and show it are such unattractive traits, if you wanted to be punched out of your negativity, you’d only need to ask.

That is all. 

— Pinknerd | #936.

And so I begin again and again and again until I steady my footing.

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