Feeling a little strange tonight. Feeling like, maybe I just need to get this off my chest;

It is often said that God tests us with challenges that He knows we can pull through – even on days, moments, we’re convinced we can’t. It’s not about how much we think we can handle; it’s about what we are made of. The problem is not the problem; the real question is, what are we(you) going to do about the problem?

Third Sis once wrote this some years ago – a timeless piece, always relevant;

“God really is All-Knowing though. You wish for strength, He gives you difficulties to overcome; you wish for wisdom, He gives you problems to solve; you wish for chance, He gives you big opportunities; you wish for love, He gives you troubled people in all their mortal glories to see through. All the while, we ask for what we think we want, but He gives what we really need. Like a reality check, I think. A time to reflect and put ourselves to a test because what we need isn’t answers, but discoveries.”

Tonight makes me melancholic, somewhat nostalgic, maybe sad.

I am in search of discoveries, not answers.

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