The Onionsoul Edition: #572.

A Sunday like this one, maybe. Five years ago on December 12, 2010, Third Sis wrote this:

Life is a little like magic. You wake from a troubled sleep, you rant to a friend in desperation, and just when you think you’re about to spend a whole day, maybe even weeks and months in confusion, you stumble on little treasures. Sometimes they come through dreams, sometimes in the weather. Sometimes in song lyrics. Most of the time you just kinda make them up.

People fancy they are enjoying themselves,
but they are really tearing out their wings,
for the sake of an illusion.

I wasn’t even thinking it when I stumbled upon my sister’s pocket Rumi reader in the car’s back pocket today. Which is the one nice thing about old books, and those of my older sister – she leaves marks. Some pages folded. Some drawn a little heart symbol or two indicating her favorites. And some not even there anymore. It was like tracing someone else’s steps and rereading their whole life. And because I knew the context of the life she led when these pages were marked, it gave me light. 

In difficult times, we’re really never alone. 

— Pinknerd | #572. Did It Ever Make Sense To You, To Say Bye, Bye, Bye?

4 thoughts on “The Onionsoul Edition: #572.

  1. I like this sssooo much I couldn’t help but write a little story with this as inspiration. My story might be completely off the rails from what you meant in your post but I hope that you’ll read it. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. I did read it and I think it’s beautiful :) Thank you for finding this as an inspiration -although I’ve to give all credits to Third Sis, she’s got a magical way with words doesn’t she! :)

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