you (what is meant for) me

In the company of my ever-special guest today, someone I seek irrespective in times of trouble or ease, I realized yet again that I truly have an amazing support system from family members to friends to even teachers (never former, cos learning never ends!) who are honest with me to cut the crap whenever I’m in deep-end funk, encourages me to overlook my fears (of which there are plenty because I really am a chronic worrier…), and respect the context of God in my life even though not everyone is a believer. They also understand that my personal growth is slow and internally uphill, often meandering with plenty unanticipated detours, and thus freely share their stories and token wisdoms in sincere hopes that I’ll turn out alright.

I think the people in our immediate, trusty circle are reflections of who we are as individuals and I’m grateful, always, for those I keep close. If they are my reflection – my goodness, what imperfectly perfect images. It’s said that everything in life is about timing and purpose – I like to think this doesn’t just apply to the decisions we make and the paths we tread, but also to the people we make connections with, lasting or temporary. Thanks, sincerely, for being that “what is meant for me” ♥︎

I hope I am too, that “what is meant for you” in your life.

that which is meant for you


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