one Friday afternoon.


“So your two years at Stanford were miserable?”

“I wouldn’t use the word ‘miserable’ – I’d say meaningful. They turned out to be a crucial period of growth.”


“I don’t know why you keep thinking your life isn’t normal. You just have a large family, which means that a lot of things are constantly going on …but this [truth] doesn’t mean that your life – you – are not normal.”


“All these so-called dramas? They’re just life.”


“…but ‘stable’ is probably a word you would never use.” 

“Nope. I wouldn’t. I just can’t.”


“It took me 23, 24 years to come to terms and accept myself, you know? I think one of my biggest [inferiority] complex is how I’m perceived by others, and as a result, I constantly seek validation to be myself. To the point it was toxic… no, just… annoying, you know? Because I’d ask the same crowd – my audience are biased to begin with because they’re people who love me, or think kindly of me, so of course they’d respond in kind. This went on until one of them finally pointed this out to me  – politely too, which made me sit up straight and listen. And I did. I’m glad I did; now I feel a lot more at ease.”

“This is just who I am, you know? For instance… I’m not quiet – I’m just not, and I know this about myself. People just need to shut me up sometimes and honest, I wouldn’t even take offense! I think I value this [trait] about myself the most though: I’m not pretentious. What you see, hear, and read – that’s who I am. If I care about you – I care about you. I’m loyal and affectionate, maybe too open about the latter but they’re all part of who I am… It took me a long time, too long maybe, to realize that sometimes people simply operate on different frequencies – some people just don’t like you and that’s fine.”

“Now I refuse to be ‘put up’ with. I seek acceptance. If you can’t stand me – don’t deal with me, it’s that simple.” 

“Because I genuinely like myself now and man, did it take me way too long to arrive here.”


She met my eyes and laughed. A hearty one, straight from the gut with twinkles in her eyes.

“Took you long enough!”


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