“I wonder / if I can beat the same way / a heart gives.”

I feel like I am finally back at a particular point in my life and emotional state – which, by the way, gentle reminder that ‘emotional’ doesn’t always and automatically carry negative connotations… – where I am able to return to poetry-reading. So I dropped by my favorite Tumblr poet’s page and ugh, Kharla casually slaying my heart – as usual. Latest poem and all.

This. Today. Says everything.

“I want to walk on honeybee, some days
I dream of getting drunk on the pollen
of someone else’s skin against mine
like a leaf of a rose holding
hands, petals with dew for spit,
thorns reaching some sort
of softness, some sort. I wonder
if I can beat the same way
a heart gives. See the sky the same way
a child does, some lullaby for a moon,
some glitter for dead stars.
It is times like this when it is raining
and I think, “The dust can breathe dust in.
The asphalt road is an ocean where
people drown in the tears of everyone’s aching.”

— Kharla M. Brillo, A Poem For The Rain | pouvoires


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