Only Love Can Hurt(Heal) Like This.

banana leaf dinner at the mamak
Local dinner on (fake) banana leaf at a mamak restaurant in Selangor, Malaysia (Summer 2015)

Reminded as always – this time over warm servings of local delicacies on (fake) banana leaves – that everyone needs a Housemate-#1-kinda-friend in their lives ♡ It’s been a long, emotionally taxing three days; I didn’t realize my insides were so knotted and bruised until this evening, in the company of my most trusted soul-friend. I’m chatty, I know, but this evening’s conversation held a different weight… it carried with it tension, worry, and dare I say, my first bitter aftertaste of adulthood. I’ve no words, honest, for the comfort offered by a friend who shouldered my blow in kind without judgment.

For the longest time, I have this image of us – maybe because this friendship was borne in our first year Stateside – in a café somewhere around the world, laughing and in deep conversation over cups of warm drinks. But ha, reality exceeded imagination today and it didn’t happen someplace exotic around the globe but right here, back home, in a mamak restaurant smack in my local neighborhood. One particular detail though, is consistent: there we were, laughing (okay, not really laughing today) and in deep conversation (…over a hearty meal, because this is the Malaysian way-of-life).

I sometimes feel that we don’t celebrate friendships enough – we coo over romantic relationships and conveniently forget that (true) friendship is also rooted in love and trust. I’m working on changing this: here’s to a friendship so real, timeless, and warm that I count my blessings twice when I think of her.

My dearest soul-friend, Mum 2.0, voice of reason: Thank you for taking care of my soul, what blessing you are in my life ♡


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