“Struggle is intrinsic to being human.”

Whenever I can’t explain the unease that I feel – the same one that chokes me and ties my insides into knots – I look to others’ words in an attempt to make sense of my internal chaos. When I find something that speaks to me, I’m giddy with relief and excitement. I am not always on Instagram  – I speak in words, not photos – but I’ve followed this particular poet-writer for some time now and find her extremely talented. To a degree, she reminds me of Yasmin from rustyvoices, only older and more… upbeat? Below is my fave yet from her, which is why I figure it’s time to ‘bring’ her to blogphilic…

…but because I’m hopeless with Instagram, below are screenshots of her post, which I love – click here to follow Humairah aka thebookjacket, who also maintains a wonderful blog of her own. Happy, happy reading sunshines.

thebookjacket1 thebookjacket2


Side-note: This also means I’m now dying to own a copy of Elif Shafak‘s Forty Rules of Love. Belated grad gift, anyone?


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