“Your love is a beautiful kind of vastness. Someone, one day, is going to marvel at the sight of it.”

Yasmin, goddammit. Ugh. Her words are like… a meadow of flowers – there’s magic and fragrance and beauty, so much that the field overflows with everything pleasing and comforting and lovely. She’s only sixteen, can you believe it?

Follow her here – she’s fantastic, I promise.

“I just want someone to love me…I have this ache that I know can’t be filled with a person so I’m trying to love myself. But I can’t help wanting someone to be completely in love with every part of me.”

“…you have a heart as big as this world, and it’s always reaching and growing… but you’re full of light, and someone one day will see that and you’ll see theirs, and it will be a kind of beautiful they don’t have words for yet.”


“What do you do when he doesn’t love you back?”

“You do what you always do. You live. You love yourself harder.”


“What is love?”

“I can’t answer that for you…but I’d like to think it feels like coming home.”



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