“You’re just you.”

I’m writing this from Copenhagen, after two-and-a-half days so far of braving the cold and… not enjoying it. It’s been too long since the wintry kinda cold experienced here – in early fall! I’ve obviously stopped getting used to this. It makes me think of Philly, which is nice, but it’s also laden with reality that hey weather, how about you take a sunny breather?

Basically, despite being abroad and travelin’ and shamelessly freeloadin’ and rubbing shoulders and chatting like we’ve always been the best of pals with Eldest Bro’s psychiatrist-colleague-friends (all five of them, talk about being the odd one out…) in one of the (allegedly) sought after (to live-in) cities in the world – today was a shitty day.

But whaddya know? It ended beautifully.

One of his peers who I’ve really bonded with over this trip – she’s been with us from Day 0 in Amsterdam – is someone who I think is the definition of cool. To be honest, cool is a term that I’ve admittedly been sorta hung up on for awhile and my insecurities peaked today because I made the mistake of killing time by scrolling down social media’s extremely carefully curated reality, Instagram. I’d to steady myself by reminding myself that gosh get a grip, you left seventeen years ago.

(Never torture yourself this way, guys – hang out in Twitter instead HA)

Anyways – I find her so cool that I hope when I hit my 40s, I’ll be just like her. Honest. She’s so cool without trying; cool without any airs; cool without judging and imposing – she’s so cool, period, that I’m girl-crushin’ …and in the most surprising turn-of-event, she nonchalantly said she thinks my greatest strength is in how “You’ve no airs. You’re just you.”

I cry.

“Why do you want to change yourself to fit these ‘others’? I liked you immediately cos you’re just like -anything goes.”

I cry.

“You’re just you.”

These precious words. Ah, such precious words. I want to hold them in my hands.

I guess I’ve really made it.


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