The Onionsoul Edition: #1010.

Tonight feels like the kind of (rainy, quiet) night that would be perfect for an old write-up of Third Sis, two years apart from me but a lifetime attuned in terms of general life perspectives. This one was written about 3.5 years ago on March 20, 2012 – same predicament, similar phase in life… the irony? A lifetime attuned, indeed.

Everybody I meet have the same one predicament – what next? Because apparently everyone’s stuck in their odyssey period, the transition between adolescent and adulthood, the phase of intense soul-searching and reevaluation of life plans and career goals. Everybody’s worried and everybody’s scared. 

Until they get a call for a job interview. 

I’m 3 weeks off Facebook (this is not particularly honest) and a lot has happened. For the most part, I think I’m almost employed to a design firm – on top of being commissioned by a university to design the interior of their new building… this also means I’m back to not getting enough sleep, drinking coffee way too much, tossing my sandwiches in the bin, and the reason why going on Facebook-hiatus for a record breaking 3 weeks has been quite a breeze. 

It’s good to be busy when you’re at last ready to leap into adulthood, and move on from a particular adult asshole apparently still stuck in odyssey era.

I know, my anger retains. We’re working on that.

— Pinknerd | #1010.

I am, at the moment, trying to quiet the voices in my head telling me all the ways in which I should and could have lived my life. Tonight I feel… honestly, I feel… a little desperate. The horror, I know.

I’m trying to remind myself, more desperately than I am desperate for that other thing, “Their lives are there. Yours is here.”

Yours is here.

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