Travel Diaries: “I looked so happy it’s almost ridiculous!”

I am looking through photos from my Amsterdam-Copenhagen trip about two weeks ago now, and it’s ridiculous how happy I looked in almost every shot. Despite a few off days (I wouldn’t call them bad), it’s obvious that I had a fantastic time.

To travel is one thing – sights and seeing, new experiences and that fuzzy feeling of being lost in translation yet found in the most unexpected places… to travel is one thing, definitely, but at its core, is who you’re with. Who I was with.

When I look at photos after photos of my huge grin and silly photos of Eldest Bro that I took, mostly of him in comical poses next to statues and random street art, my heart soars. It’s hard to explain; there’s a lot of love and happiness here, so my heart feels like it’s bursting from the amount of gratitude I feel for his presence in my life. Throughout my growing up years and probably because of our 13-year age gap, I’ve always thought of him as a father figure, most solid support system.

Hey? Here’s an earnest shoutout to the world’s best Eldest Bro any Youngest Sis could ask for. Like with Eldest Sis, I’m the luckiest to have you as mine. Thank you for letting me (shamelessly) freeload and tag along on this trip ♡

I am so, so lucky. So, so blessed for the people in my life. How did I get so lucky?

“There is always something left to love.”
— Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

Bonus: Enjoy some photos from Amsterdam (save for one, in quaint Haarlem) ♡

This one stood out – spotted while taking a morning stroll in quaint Haarlem, NL (Fall 2015)
Cheese haven! (Fall 2015)
City of canals – gorgeous, always (Fall 2015)
Open-face tuna salad sandwich on a cold day – yum! (Fall 2015)


A canal near sunset – always my favorite time of day (Fall 2015)

2 thoughts on “Travel Diaries: “I looked so happy it’s almost ridiculous!”

  1. Lovely! And huge HUG! The serendipity I spent a weekend tagging along my folks in C not long ago, it was not as sunshine agreeable as the weather and your amazing time there, but pictures do therapy, these bring back all things positive, making my little snarks or their perpetual disappointments in me, my never good enough bygone. 😉

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