“Their lives are there. Yours is here.”

from girl of the earth by katy maxwell

According to Eldest Sis, whenever we want something in life – genuinely, desperately, badly… – whatever our reasons and excuses for them are, there are two fundamental “easy cheesy!” rules:

  1. Write these desires and wishes down. Three words: Write. Them. Down. 
  2. Pray not only with sincerity, but also with precision and specifics. Be as detailed as possible.

These rules are age-old, cliched – they’ve been said and advised a million times by now. I know that. But there’s a reason they’re still relevant today – I live by them. I know their truth and effectiveness. I know you’re also probably wondering, for rule (2) – (but) what if I don’t believe in a God? I’m sorry, I can’t answer that for you. Everything in my life – every definition, every sound and sight and sentiment… they’re all attached to the Highest Being. But I think you could maybe fall back on instincts. Go with your gut. Ask the universe, karma – whatever you believe in – for what it is that you so desire.

Because the rules, according to Eldest Sis, is simple. Anything is possible as long as you’re willing to earn it.

So here I am right now – back to being in-between of being and becoming. This is where I am right now: a little restless, somewhat uneasy, unable to silence the storm …yet, ironically, still doing fine. My heart of life is good, I still maintain that.

I am writing these thoughts down, scattered and useless that they are, as a weak attempt to hide what it is that I really wish to write – my heart’s desires. Some grieving we do in private. Likewise, some periods of growth we swim through alone.

I’m swimming alright; lapping my hands, gurgling out water, and just… staying alive.

I’ll meet you on the other side of becoming, I promise  …once I figure out exactly where “here” is.


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