“…because aren’t we all, in our own ways, constantly seeking to give ourselves away?”

“I think, in the duration of our lives – we’ll come across several people with whom we’ll experience an emotional intimacy. People with whom we connect with on an emotional, sometimes even spiritual, level. Those we want to entrust parts or all of ourselves to because aren’t we all, in our own ways, constantly seeking to give ourselves away? Those who would value the depth of our minds and measure our hearts with grace and kindness. I think, throughout our lives, we will meet several people who will emulate this role – but of those, very few will want to be responsible for our hearts. And here’s where, I think, adulthood comes in:
the wisdom to tell the difference.”

I said this today, over breakfast, to one of my best and dearest pals, known here as The Deskmate, with whom I’ve weathered plentiful growing up storms and natural causes – yet a little over a decade, here we are, still surviving. The friendship is now different – not necessarily bad-different – and maybe yes, we’re somewhat distanced now, but as Eldest Sis puts it, “That’s a friend you want to keep.” I leaned on her heavily during our girlhood years – so much that I feel guilt towards her until today – and though I know it myself that it is unlikely we will be as close-knit as we once were, I am consciously choosing to keep her in my life. May God continue to bless us with another decade of growing up individually-yet-together ♡

At Second Sunday, Damansara Jaya – Local Pancake aka pandan-flavored pancake sprinkled with coconut flakes and served with maple-glazed deep-friend bananas (“pisang goreng“) and vanilla ice-cream. Yum is an understatement.
At Second Sunday, Damansara Jaya – Sunny Mancake aka Sunny side-up eggs on crispy grilled cheese served buttermilk pancakes and glazed beef bacon, breakfast completed with a cuppa flat white. Yes!

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