“It’s just love give it away.”

Photo of Strøget, the shopping street of Copenhagen, Denmark (Fall 2015)

I have 800+ photos from my Amsterdam-Copenhagen trip two months ago, yet it’s the one photo that I didn’t capture that I continue to be haunted by. The irony, but who is actually surprised? On the morning of my first day alone in cold, gloomy Copenhagen, Denmark, I had woken up late; forgotten to screenshot my intended directions despite knowing I was going to lose WiFi once I exited the hotel; fumbled with the bus schedule though I reviewed it at breakfast and the night before… it’s fair to conclude that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, basically, that morning.

So it’s no wonder that I was in a sour mood when I hopped off the bus – after almost missing my stop – and while attempting to reorient myself, I noticed a random statement sticker pasted on the handlebar of a canal that runs through the city. At that particular moment, I was actually overwhelmed by my surroundings – so much to sightsee and necessities to muddle through – yet my eyes were transfixed on this single statement smack in the middle of a busy intersection in this eerily sterile and orderly city. I stepped forward, away from it, only to stop in my tracks once, twice. “Should I…?” I thought to myself. In the end I decided against it because I was running late from my self-imposed schedule and at the time, I had little clue where I was relative to the tiny dot representing me on Google Maps. It’s been weeks since that gloomy, cold morning and still, in my mind, those words continue to blink as if one had attached lights onto them;

“It’s just love give it away.”


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