“Will you break my heart?”

So I was away for umrah – a praying trip for Muslims, simply put – for the last 11 days. My last trip of the year and how fitting. It was fun and enjoyable because of my rather surprising company – I’ll just say… Second Bro doesn’t usually hang out with us though he’s always been respectful towards our parents but he was unexpectedly funny and involved throughout this trip, not once showing annoyance towards his littlest sister. Beyond that, the trip was also deeply personal and meaningful. I wrote two short blurbs which I shared on my Facebook …and now here, too.

Here’s the first – on Dad, of course. Always Dad.

“I wonder how you’ll behave when you fall in love,” Dad quipped two nights ago as we spent the night reliving mine and my siblings’ childhood tales. I laughed at his statement. “I’m curious too. It still feels too foreign- just a concept,” I replied truthfully. “It’s hard to make sense of things when you’re knee-deep in emotions, despite your best intentions.” He began. “You never really know how you’ll react and behave when it comes until it happens… Will you break my heart?” He paused. “Sometimes love blinds,” he mused quietly, looking away.

“But you can’t eat love – you can’t survive on it -” 

“- because love isn’t insurance for anything,” I finished for him, quoting Eldest Sis’ recent words to me. As if trying to assure him that I know; I’ve always understood plenty things in theory, after all. “Will you break my heart?” Ooof. Love may not be insurance for anything, but this statement is fact: I am my father’s daughter. I’ll remember this conversation well and tuck it neatly for retrieval later, if love indeed blinds.


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