summer of 2012, part II.

“For me, that summer was magical. A bunch of firsts – I was twenty-one; home away from home for the first time; getting to know all these Malaysians who lived differently than me and my close friends – all from the same neighborhood. These new friends, they share similar traits with me, yet so different in upbringing. I was learning new things and people.”

“That was also the time I learned to hang out in restaurants by the streets; shop lots.”

“I got to know a lot of people then, but it was when I finally met them and we became four people that I think I found my company. I met them towards the end of my ten-week; maybe on the sixth week – but we hung out constantly. Just about every other night after work, choosing a restaurant at random and sitting there for hours till late, just conversing…”

“Don’t you run out of topics to talk about?”

Hearing that, I had to laugh. “That’s what I mean by the right company!” A silly grin stayed on my face.With the right company – there’s always something to talk about, another story to share. It was great fun.”

Sometimes I wonder if I need to put summer of 2012 to rest. Would new friends, made now, in 2016, in the same place, eventually overtake those memories from four years ago? I am happy to be back here, but in this midst of old and new…

Do I need to put summer of 2012 to rest; is it… time?



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