“An intellectual equal?”

I’m currently in the thick of two weeks worth of training with work during the day and nonstop socializing every hour till late at night. Two nights ago, I had dinner with a newbie-soon-to-turn-close friend who kept asking me what I look for in a guy. It surprises me still, to be honest, to realize that I’m now at the age and phase to be asked these things.

I ignored her question the first time; tried and failed to come up with an answer the second time – I’ve honestly never formulated an answer to questions like this – and on her third attempt, forced to answer, I said the first thing that came to my mind: “He has to be able to appreciate what goes on in here.” I pointed to my head.

“I think my strongest asset is my mind – my thoughts, what I think and write about-“

“An intellectual equal?”

I laughed. “I guess we can call it that.”

“But this process can’t happen immediately – I don’t make a memorable first impression? I’m not physically attractive. But I think I’ve a good mind. Though you’ve to sit down with me, like this, and listen. It’s a process.”

I’ll be honest: most of the time I wish I’m a much(much) simpler person. The answer should’ve (easily) been short and superficial. We would’ve left it there, forgotten in a second. Because really, life needn’t be taken so seriously.


when God equips you with a sound mind – don’t you too, think it’s too much of a shame to leave it untapped…?


3 thoughts on ““An intellectual equal?”

      1. It’s been quite rough actually, this quarter I’m taking the hardest class in my major (along with seven other classes..) but I lurk WP once in awhile and seek refuge in your lovely writeups :) Sounds like you’ve had quite a change of pace, I hope you’ve been adapting well!

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