“how old is your soul?”

For the first time, I feel:

I don’t know how long I can keep writing in blogphilic. Not because I don’t want to – because I don’t know for how much longer, how, to keep writing deeply personal thoughts for public consumption. I am not a corpse given up for medicinal and educational purposes, laid out on the mortuary table awaiting dissection. Adulthood is really revealing itself to be an intricate maze with no easy, one-size-fits-all solution. Not surprising, but admittedly the complexity of my worries and dilemmas are becoming increasingly (soul)troubling and once again, deeply personal, to the point that I prefer confiding to a friend (or several) in person, over hot meals and drinks. It’s not so easy anymore to write them all down.

How do you write down aching, breaking, muddled, hot to the core –feelings?


2 thoughts on ““how old is your soul?”

  1. no don’t give this up! I think now, perhaps more than ever, you need blogphilic. I don’t think you need to share every single bit of what you’re working through, but maybe when you’ve worked certain things out, or when you have made some big discovery about yourself… in a sense, instead of the everyday thoughts that are troubling you, you can come back every so often with a big TADA of sorts. Ultimately, I support whatever you choose, but I would really hate to see you go.

    1. I won’t go off so soon and no plans, but it does feel like it is getting difficult to write here regularly like I used to. I like your idea though :) to kinda surface here every now and then to still document growth and changes. Maybe I’ll do exactly that :)

      (And really; thank you ♡)

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