“I just need a few people; those who are on my team.”


“Your Facebook statuses are too emotional… and too long…”
“I told you I didn’t want to add new friends there…”


“What kind of people-person are you?”

“I’m seasonal.”
“I’m selective.”
“I’m particular.”

Penny for your thought if you guess right on which of the three I am, ha.


“So I’m just putting it out there – I plan to watch the movie at 1045 AM on Sunday, which means I’ll be there at the mall at that hour. You’re welcome to join if you’re interested. But y’know, considering how we’re all open and accepting about the need for alone time – it’s totally cool if you decide not to. I’m still gonna watch it (laugh) cos being alone is fine with me.”

Having friends who finally get the need for space and me-time is priceless.


“What gay best friend? I’m totally a ladies man!” 

(Hilariously attempts to pose coolly)

All three – four tonight – girls, in unison: “Mhm. Gay best friend.”


Hanging out with these friends again tonight following the wrap-up of our two-week training – we bailed and skipped the big group last dinner party (sorry-not-sorry) and instead, spent the evening at the airport – of all places! Long story – and later, one of their favorite coffeeshops in town. Love how we gel and jive together.

Plus, nothing like friends who tell you as it is – straightforward and blunt with zero pretense.

I appreciate honesty a lot – a lot – so I’m glad I’m getting to know them better. They feel like ‘my people’ here, those I’ve longed to call as being ‘on my team.’ Hey, I think I can call it now – my Miri social circle is at last, under construction!


Despite the terribly emotional entries – on a particular topic – lately, the truth is:

I’m honestly very happy with where I am in life right now :)


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