a gentle storm.

Today, again, a colleague said to me, “I know what you are: an introvert.”

…this is probably by fifth time having this term pointed my way by someone who thinks they know who and what I am. Valid point – but tiring to keep discussing within The Company context. He went on to suggest that I watch speech etc videos of key women figures to emulate traits that they have – especially, I believe, on extroversion.

At one point I cut him off and said, “I was raised by one.”

“Oh,” he replied. “Does that suppress who you are?”

It isn’t that I’m not proud or dislike that particular characteristic of my mother – how could I? I would not be who, what and where I am today had she downplayed her own potential – but I think we also need to recognize and acknowledge the quiet, gentle storm that is my father. He is similarly driven and intelligent in the same capacity that she is …but chooses – chooses; a deliberate act – silence as a personal and professional companion. What suppression? It is a choice and preference. This is not a question of rightness or wrongness, I agree; I just strongly believe that we also need to recognize that just because water changes shape when it is poured into different containers …does not mean that it is no longer water.

It is still matter – and it still matters.


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