the ongoing fight, today.

“Now you’re thinking,” the contracts engineer (yeah, there’s such a role… I didn’t know too…) said to me with a smile this afternoon as we threw ideas back-and-forth on how best to write this tender plan I’ve been working on for a project – psst: I’m gonna be a ‘contract owner’ for the first time aha – okay I’ll be honest: that feeling of satisfaction when he said that, as in I’m actually using my brain and made to think (think!) at work… the feeling’s hard to describe. “You need to constantly troubleshoot up here,” a career counselor said to me recently, pointing to his temple, “You’re an intellectual. That’s where you feel challenged the most and when you’re in a role that doesn’t provide you this – that’s why the frustration kicks in.”

“You’re an intellectual” – I’m holding onto that and finding ways to use it to my advantage.

…but I’ll get good at this skill-building while I’m a project engineer – I promise.


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