“Although you hide it well, you’re a little angry.”

“Be kinder to yourself. 

You’re a little weird. That’s fine. Although you hide it well, you’re a little angry. That doesn’t make you a bad person. You feel like you’re responsible for everything that happens around you.
You’re not.

Other people have their own issues going on. You can’t fix everything. And driving yourself nuts trying to be perfect won’t help anybody, least of all you.

You’re allowed to want things, and to say so. It’s too easy to lose track of yourself in the smog of other people’s demands and expectations.

I hereby give you permission to be human and make mistakes.
They probably won’t break the world, and they certainly won’t break you.”

— British author Frances Hardinge on what she would tell her younger, teenage self

Frankly, more than who I was as a young girl – this is what I’d tell my frikkin’ adult self.

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