(this is nothing but placeholder)

I keep telling myself I need to come back here and write, yet I keep finding myself with too much to say that I end up saying and thus writing …nothing. Where do I begin? It’s not so much that too much of life is and has been happening – but these things that happen and are happening; they’re no longer easy to write about and share. Not… for public consumption.

I think, above all, it’s simply cos I’ve been doing a lot of thinking:

How do I move on and successfully force a paradigm shift unto myself? 

How do I best approach my constant ineffective communication woe with my boss? 

How do I learn to better hold back while still maintaining an authentic self?

How do I come-to-terms with no longer being able to keep friends the way I did as a child?

How do I silence and put to rest endless internal complexes?

How do I survive the predicaments I find myself struggling with right now?

How do I…

How do…


Where do I begin – how – on any of them when I don’t know them and myself well to begin with?


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