revisiting “A girl can dream – but never big enough.”

“Last night made me inexplicably sad. Maybe it’s a natural progression – maybe that’s all that it is – but it also reminded me why I was so angry, being home, two years ago. It’s like this society is adamant to keep me contained in a box of its making where life only moves in one direction. It’s like it’s adamant to remind me that I am a woman, and with that comes certain expectations and roles.

A girl can dream – but never big enough.”

I wrote this in June 2015 out of frustration after having recently returned home back into a cultural, religious fold where I was unsurprisingly constantly bombarded by ‘adult questions’ – coming across this a year later; it’s a reminder that even if it’s true that the box exists, the decision on whether to stay inside or step outside is mine to make.


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