“And she’s back…”

I wrote and posted this on my personal Facebook just hours ago, when I was still in the office at 7 PM:

Because no one is going to be proud of me (and yup, I’m aware I’m not supposed to expect this either) – I’m honestly genuinely proud of myself for putting together and writing ALL the Project documents required to bring a project of my team’s level and type to execution phase. (My first ever project too!) My neighboring desk colleague was surprised to find out that I’ve been doing these tasks and two other colleagues told me today that they think I’m learning and picking up fast; I’m not sure of this myself (4th colleague: “Your yardstick for yourself is too high”) but what I understand (a lot) better now is that learning curves aren’t linear for good reasons. I… accept that now. I’m trying to remain patient in this process of Becoming. I’m also trying and working very hard to learn to love two things at once instead of being stuck in a negative space where I constantly feel, irrespective by force or self-imposed, that I must give one up for the other. *pumps fist*

I’m genuinely surprised at the number of likes this little paragraph has garnered thus far.

Just about an hour ago, my Environmental mentor/friend replied with the best three-word sentence:

“And she’s back…”

Thank you, always, for being tirelessly patient with me even as I bitch write my way through the stages of adulthood growth.


8 thoughts on ““And she’s back…”

    1. I like her a lot, but I am not. Doctors-themed stories just aren’t my thing… Keep telling myself I’d watch Uncontrollably Fond (cos the color palette of this show looks real pretty) but I’ve yet to start…

      1. Uncontrollably Fond is old-school melo that got upgraded to 2016. I caught bits of it but I don’t like Kim Woo-bin and Suzy seems to be forcing herself a bit… but I agree it’s got a pretty colour palette.

        In any case, I recommend Beautiful Mind highly, it’s thought-provoking and Park So-dam is doing very well in it.

        (sorry to be discussing dramas here, it seems you’re no longer updating dramaphilic?)

        1. I am not. That’s an era that has passed, I think. I just tweet about them now aha. Ah I’m surprised that BM is actually an intelligent show! The trailers all just looked… uninspiring. Happy to know that’s not the case.

          1. Heh, I sometimes drop by your twitter. You seem to have an arsenal of meaningful quotes!

            I didn’t plan on watching BM, but happened to catch bits of it on KBS World – Jang Hyuk in all black and doctor’s robe did me in.

            1. (guilty on those quotes hahaha)

              Ah, now I understand what/who did you in! ;)

              Can’t promise anything hehe but maybe if the mood strikes I’ll give BM a try. At the moment I plan to re-watch Reply 1994, after having just completed Discovery of Romance :D

              1. Was it good? I vaguely remember a lot of shrieking… I like both Jung Yumi and Eric together and individually but have never been able to complete their dramas. Oh and did you watch Reply 1988 if you liked 94?

                As for BM, no obligations really. It’s uneven in the first four episodes, but picks up in episode 5 and has been solid since.

              2. Hahaa they do get very intense in DoR but their chemistry and romance homg. Intense.

                Yes I did! Reply 1988 I mean. Didn’t enjoy it as much as 1994 but did not gripe like others did too. Liked and enjoyed it in my own way :)

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