prison break.

Earlier this week, my older housemate likened singlehood to imprisonment. I laughed. She’d apparently even told a then-suitor, “Being single is like finding oneself in prison, constantly surrounded by four walls. It does get boring sometimes. But…” She paused; I kept silent and waited for her to assemble her thoughts. “If I’ve to live in prison, I think it’s better to be there alone, occasionally with boredom, rather than be stuck with the wrong prison mate.”

“The lesser of two evils, you mean?”

She nodded. “But my friend told me my analogy’s too harsh,” she said with a laugh, effectively breaking any tension. I laughed too. “I’ve never thought about or likened it to prison,” I said with a chuckle, “Your thought is a first; I’m impressed. And maybe that thought is a little harsh, but I think each of us just thinks about it differently… I think I’m still angry and will always be when it comes to cultural expectations and perceptions – that’s imprisonment for me. What I understand is what you mean about choices and decisions; I think that’s important. I don’t think anyone deliberately chooses the single life? But if that’s what one’s life looks like, then let it be our decision on how we’re going to look at and live it. I’ve always simply thought of myself as being in an open space where if love happens to me – okay; but if love doesn’t – that’s okay too.

Because if there are four walls – I’ll break them.”

I’ve no conclusion to this little story; I just find it both amusing and thought-provoking.


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