“…though the night is silent, God is always listening to you.”

Woke up this morning to a similarly wonderful and moving reply from Eldest Sis to my last write-up on letting go;

You know… when I was a houseman and very in love with my job, many people were trying to match make me… or feeling concerned that I was single. Like I should I be unhappy… although I wasn’t. So I wrote these words in a notebook… memorized them till they became a prayer, and put the notebook away while I went about usual daily matters.


I still keep this page till now, and look at it and just feel:

Wow… here I am now.

Perhaps your life trajectory will be a completely different story… but you can write out your dreams and hopes and fears, keep them close to you like a prayer, and be mindful that though the night is silent, God is always listening to you.


“I will have great love,
mine only.”


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