the fight: ninth-month mark.

Spent my Friday night and last day of September with a close, ever-hilarious colleague-friend reflecting on and trading work-life stories from our fumbling early months (“I actually Googled ‘how to talk to people politely on the phone’ omg how ridiculous” -cue laughter) to today at the ninth-month mark (“It’s only this evening as I wrote my monthly email update to my boss that I realized oh – I’m actually the focal person for a few items now!”).

It is always a pleasant surprise, realizing just how much growth has taken place amid the stress and struggles too palpably felt from day-to-day tasks and daily woe. I hope to achieve these few things by the year-end:

  1. To find value and enjoyment in my current role
  2. To feel more confident and thus become more independent with directly assigned tasks! Most of my emails to my project team, for instance, are still screened and reviewed for approval…
  3. To learn when to let go and when to escalate
  4. To lessen the ‘power distance’ gap
  5. To simultaneously love what I do and do what I love

Surely 2016 would leave me on a high note…!



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