Things I’ve consciously stopped doing about you: 

  1. Talk about you
  2. Bring you up, or allow you to be brought up, in any of my conversations with anyone
  3. Be in search of your car
  4. Be in search of a particular red car of a particular brand and model wherever I am
  5. Find excuses to send you a text or instant message
  6. Find excuses to wander past your cubicle
  7. Find excuses to find out how you’ve been
  8. Think of potential topics I could bring up if we find ourselves doing small talk

Things I’ve yet to stop doing about you: 

  1. Stop wishing I would accidentally, by sheer coincidence, bump into you
  2. Stop wishing we would bump into each other at the prayer room area
  3. Stop wishing that you would take the hint and rekindle a friendship
  4. Stop wondering how you’ve been, whether you’re doing well
  5. Stop wondering if you sometimes wonder about me

Things I wish I would stop doing about you:

  1. Write about you
  2. Write about you
  3. Write about you

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