“Ancient Japanese believes that a person has three true faces: the first is the one that’s shown to the world; the second is the one that’s shown to family and friends; and the third face is the one that’s never shown to anyone. It is also the truest reflection of a person.”

The above was shared and said by K, and below is a candid photo is of us.

It’s also one of my favorite photos, captured by our close mutual friend during our day trip to Brunei (“to de-virginize Brunei to K!”) last Saturday. This particular moment was the beginning of the end of an extremely long yet meaningful day, which we’d spent at the beach side area of the fancy (and obviously very expensive) Empire Hotel and Country Club. I spent this particular evening enjoying a lovely October sunset with the best friend I never thought I’d gain in life :) ♡

Enjoying a sunset at Brunei (October 2016)

PS We spent, the three of us, fours hours in total sitting on this bench trading stories and piercing thoughts. Truest friends.


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