“…or the fact that you are that other girl for a bunch of other girls who look at you and want to be something like, but can’t just as much.”

Six years later, and still one of my favorite and most memorable pieces from Third Sis back in those days when she still blogged (and I secretly read, ha). I’ve memorized this one by heart.

She gets it, the root of my insecurity.

“But see, when you are more concern[ed] about personal growth, about becoming a much wholesome person inside, this insecurity isn’t quantified by what other girls wear that you’re not, or how differently your cheeks crease when you smile or the amount of boys who kiss the ground you walk on. Rather, you start looking at other girl’s personalities that you admire and realize how much you want to be like that but can’t. There is a bitter acknowledgment that the older you get, you realize how personalities, like your head and your limb and even that funky intestines in your stomach are all integrated in one package. That you are who you are.”



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